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      Biden’s Summit for Democracy to be held December 9-10, 2021 aims to bring together the world’s democracies to strengthen democratic institutions, honestly confront nations that are backsliding and force a common agenda. The summit will invite heads of state and key private sector actors, from civil society organizations on the frontlines of the defense of democracy to technology giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google which remain vital for preserving the integrity of modern democratic practices.


      Current U.S. National debt stands at US $ 28.5 trillion. It could swell to US$ 35 trillion by the end of the year. The gap between government spending and revenue has swelled to more than US$ 2.2 trillion in the 2021 fiscal year.


      Acumen Public Affairs:?Brittney Elzarei?is now sustainability account director, while?Rodrigo Vaz?is a sustainability consultant.?Silvia Romeo?and?Ingeborg Bennink?are EU health consultants.?Enrica Obizzi?is an EU health account manager. And?David Malka?is the new CFO.

      APCO Worldwide: Former Irish Ambassador?Declan Kelleher?has joined APCO Worldwide as a senior adviser.


      % of GDP at current prices- 2021 Forecast

      1. Greece: 200.7
      2. Italy: 159.5
      3. Portugal: 130.3
      4. Spain: 122.0
      5. France: 117.8
      6. Belgium: 117.8
      7. Cyprus: 108.2
      8. Austria: 85.2
      9. Slovenia: 80.2
      10. Finland: 71.8
      11. Germany: 70.1
      12. Ireland: 66.0
      13. Slovakia: 65.7
      14. Netherlands: 63.5
      15. Malta: 60.0
      16. Lithuania: 50.7
      17. Latvia: 45.9
      18. Luxembourg: 27.3
      19. Estonia: 22.5

      Euro Area: 102.3


      1. Association of European Journalists
      2. Association of European Journalists - Belgium
      3. Center for Reproductive Rights Civil Liberties Union for Europe (Liberties)
      4. Civil Society Europe Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)
      5. European Center for Not-For-Profit Law Stichting (ECNL)
      6. European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF)
      7. European Civic Forum
      8. European Federation of Journalists
      9. European Partnership for Democracy (EPD)
      10. European Youth Forum
      11. FIDH (International Federation for Human Rights)



      1. Manipulation of public procurement tenders at the national level, particularly in agriculture and structural funds with ths usual suspects of bid riggingn kickback payments and conflicts of interests.
      2. Siphoning humanitarian aid.
      3. Research grants (ERC) obtained through forged documents (inflating cvs of participants, exaggerating project sustainability etc.) put forward by companies in member states.
      4. Counterfeit goods smuggled into the EU
      5. Tobacco smuggling

      Fraud within EU institutions


      1. Clarification à la fois des conditions dans lesquelles AUKUS a été décidé et clarification également des conditions d’un réengagement américain dans une relation d'alliés.
      2. Clarification sur le choix américain de tenir un allié européen à l'écart d'échanges structurants sur une coopération dans l'Indopacifique.
      3. Reconnaissance?que les échanges et consultations qui auraient d? être conduites ne l'ont pas été et que cela pose une question de confiance dont il appartient aux deux parties désormais de tirer ensemble toutes les conséquences.


      Countries, Regions and Organizations mentioned


      Author: Max Bergmann, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. From 2011 to 2017, he served as a senior advisor and member of the Policy Planning Staff at the Department of State, where he focused on political-military affairs.


      Authors: Sophia Besch, Senior Reserach Fellow and Luigi Scazzieri, Research Fellow at the Centre for European Reform

      Europeans need to focus on becoming more capable defense actors, whether through the EU, NATO or other formats. To do so theu should:

      1) Focus on improving Europe(s capacity to act rather than on abstract debates.


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